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Unusual Trio

Hello Hello!

Were back and with three new dollars!

The first will finish up the previous commission of the skulls and Edrich Farms.This time it’s a Skull with 8 Balls for eyes!

Next are two new dollars created just for fun.
Both are available if anyone is interested!



And We should be back Soon with more dollars!!



After not drawing for like 3 weeks… I was jonesing for a challenge.
Here is the outcome:


While at Penland, a good friend commissioned a piece for another friend there. It was a boy flying a kite over a big hill. I suck and did not get a photo of it 😦
But while attempting the creation of this dollar, I managed to make my first big mess up. It was so bad I started over on a new dollar.
Well, I hate seeing money go to waste, so I salvaged the dollar the best I could and created this:

The Baltimore City Skyline.



Commission Complete!

Hey – Jane Dough Here!

Soo I was away at Penland for a week.. which was AWESOME.
I learned how to use a Letter Press machine!!
Took me a little while to get back into the swing of normal life.. but I got there.

And for your viewing pleasure, I completed the last two dollars for the commissioned set.

Lucrezia Noin:


Incase you forgot.. the other two were Jack & Sally and Eeyore:

Got some more dollars coming later, so stay tuned!


Slowly Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

We’ve been pretty busy lately, with school starting and work continuing, but we’ve found time to do a couple commission dollars.

First up, is Bat Boy.  (Commissioned for a friend who was in Bat Boy: the Musical with me.)

Bat Boy

Next up is commissioned for a friend’s mom.
Tinker Bell

Also, I’m hungry.  I’ll do a dollar for a Pepperoni Bacon Dominos Pizza and a 2-liter of Sprite…




Sorry we haven’t updated in a while.  I took a vacation to my hometown last weekend, and Jane left for a week for Penland.  When she left, she took the pens to get some dollars done.  When I got back, I didn’t have anything to draw with :c

But now she’s back! And I’m back! And we’re back!
And here’s the latest dollar!

Third in the Team Fortress 2 series… The Pyro.

More coming soon!  We’ve gotta make up for lost time!
As always, comment, subscribe, tell your friends.