Sorry we haven’t updated in a while.  I took a vacation to my hometown last weekend, and Jane left for a week for Penland.  When she left, she took the pens to get some dollars done.  When I got back, I didn’t have anything to draw with :c

But now she’s back! And I’m back! And we’re back!
And here’s the latest dollar!

Third in the Team Fortress 2 series… The Pyro.

More coming soon!  We’ve gotta make up for lost time!
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One more Dollar done at Comic Con:

We recently acquired a large commission from a lovely lady, asking for:
Eeyore as an Angel
Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas
Ravens Dollar
Lucrezia Noin


I will Update this post as I complete the Dollars 🙂


If you want any of our dollars or any custom pieces done, email us at janejohndough@gmail.com
And remember, there’s a discount for getting multiple pieces!

❤ Jane Dough


Comic Con!

We had a great time at the Baltimore Comic Convention.  Echo Chernik was nice enough to let us share her table.  We had tons of visitors, and a lot of you actually put your email addresses down!

So while at Comic Con, we had two commissioned pieces, both by Echo.
An Owly and a Korgi.
Owly, an owl, is from the comic “Owly” and Korgi, you may have a guessed is in fact a corgi, from the comic, “Korgi.”
Owly is written by Andy Runton. And Korgi is by Christian Slade. You may recognize these two furry guys since Top Shelf Productions was at Comic Con too!

While at the booth, we created a couple more dollars. We didn’t have a whole lot of room, so we kept them to simple black and white drawings.
George Washington couldn’t decide what to cos play as this year. First he wanted to represent Maryland and have a Boh.

Then he put on a V for Vendetta Mask.

Still not satisfied, he settled on a Storm Trooper Helmet.

We got some Great ideas from people for new dollars:
Resident Evil – Umbrella Corp
Ice Man
Shadow Trooper
Green Lantern

Please comment on our requests page with more ideas!
Anyone looking for commissions, e-mail us at janejohndough@gmail.com

Need your help, guys:


John here.  I’ve decided to do all the characters from this little game I play.  You may have heard of it.
Team Fortress 2.

Now, in this game there are 9 characters.
and Spy

The next dollar (or dollars) I do will be decided by you!

I’ve got a few options.

OPTION 1 – Draw them all on one dollar.
It would probably just be something like this:

PRO: It’d be much quicker, and would probably look awesome if done correctly.
CON: I’d have to draw incredibly tiny, which would make doing it correctly VERY difficult.

OPTION 2 – Draw each character separately
Something like this:

PRO: It’d be way more detailed, and I could put the CLASS logo over the L signet on the left, and I could put a class-specific Item over the Green signet on the right…  Jarate for example on Sniper.
CON: It would take god-damn FOREVER.

There was also an idea floating around the house talking about doing them twice on each dollar, one on Blue team and one on Red team, on opposite sides of George, with his face being the TF2 logo instead, but that would take twice as long as Option 2, which is double forever.

SO.  Help me out, and vote?

My Masterpiece

Three new dollars!
I finished the Dexter’s laboratory series with Mandark.
Then I continued the Mario series with Toad, and my current masterpiece, Bowser!
Bowser took 2 and a half hours! I’m so happy with how it turned out, and I already have some one interested in it!

Toad Bowser

John has been working on Animaniacs and Doctor Octopus, both of which are coming along amazingly!

We have gotten a lot of suggestions recently. Some as comments on the requests page, and some on facebook:

  • Marvin the Martian
  • Marvin the Robot from hitch hikers guide
  • Any cast member from Southpark
  • Betty Boop
  • Micheal Jackson
  • Hunter S Thompson
  • Roger Rabbit
  • Mega Man
  • Natty Boh Can
  • Bullet Bill
  • Pheonix
Check out the Requests page and give us more ideas!

To-do List. Add to it?

So, from brainstorming and asking friends, Jane and I have compiled a list of ideas to do.

Feel free to comment and add new ideas to it.


I’m not sure how I’ll update this, maybe do a weekly update of it, and cross out/delete what we’ve done…  We’ll see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll make a list on the Requests page.  Who knows.



EDIT:  I’ve added the To-Do list to the Requests page.  Alphabetized.  Ugh.  Also, changed the list into a link to that page, so there’s less home page scrolling.