Need your help, guys:


John here.  I’ve decided to do all the characters from this little game I play.  You may have heard of it.
Team Fortress 2.

Now, in this game there are 9 characters.
and Spy

The next dollar (or dollars) I do will be decided by you!

I’ve got a few options.

OPTION 1 – Draw them all on one dollar.
It would probably just be something like this:

PRO: It’d be much quicker, and would probably look awesome if done correctly.
CON: I’d have to draw incredibly tiny, which would make doing it correctly VERY difficult.

OPTION 2 – Draw each character separately
Something like this:

PRO: It’d be way more detailed, and I could put the CLASS logo over the L signet on the left, and I could put a class-specific Item over the Green signet on the right…  Jarate for example on Sniper.
CON: It would take god-damn FOREVER.

There was also an idea floating around the house talking about doing them twice on each dollar, one on Blue team and one on Red team, on opposite sides of George, with his face being the TF2 logo instead, but that would take twice as long as Option 2, which is double forever.

SO.  Help me out, and vote?

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