It’s that time of the year again… May 7th is Free comic book day!!!

This year I’ll be over at Victory Comics with my wonderful friends James Rambo and Zina Sketch. We’ll be selling our wares, as well as doing free sketches for kids! So come on by, get some comics, and get some awesome art!

Also, this is a perfect opportunity to get a custom piece. Contact me asap so you can pick it up on Saturday!

New Friends, Inspiration and dollars!

So MagClassic was amazing. I had some amazing table mates, Zina Skecth and James Rambo, who helped me tackle my first solo vendor experience.  They’re also hilarious and amazing artists. Check them out!

At the end of the con, I go and get some of their prints. Zina had this drawing of a cute little girl, with devil ears. There was a rainbow on fire behind her, and puppies with hearts for buttholes and laser beams coming from their eyes. I was like… I need this and bought immediately. She then informs me it’s a new Disney show. I go home that night and watch the entire first season. And of course I had to turn her into a dollar.

I present…. PRINCESS STAR BUTTERFLY ( Star vs. the Forces of Evil )

Star Butterfly

I made some other dollars while at the convention, which I will be posting soon. Keep a look out!!

-Jane Dough